Certificate n.º EC 2.183.13 in the Standard  UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015.
Granted by Cámara Certifica, the Certification Service of Madrid Official Chamber of Commerce and Industry, for the following activities: design and testing of software for industrial applications, turn-key projects, computer consulting and outsourcing.

Clients and institutions:

Company dedicated to the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of electronic systems and equipment and engineering projects.
Engineering business group, leader in Spain in the development of inspection systems for non-destructive testing techniques.
Spanish technology multinational company, dedicated to the developement of new technologies for energy production.
Former public organization dedicated to the levarage of industrial development and technological innovation in the Comunidad de Madrid.
Technological company subsidiary of the CAF Group, dedicated  to protection, management and signaling for railway.
Company belonging to the Duro Felguera Group, which operates in the field of engineering.
Company belonging to the Albatros Corporation, dedicates to manufacture and commercialization of railway equipement.